Tri Valley Oncology


To create a compassionate, individualized, therapeutic environment, utilizing standard of care technologies administered by a highly trained, experienced doctor, nurses and supporting staff.


Our clinic staff understands that many patients and their relatives come to an oncology/hematology clinic with a great deal of anxiety, especially on their first appointment.  Some of the reasons for this anxiety can include the obvious seriousness of a diagnosis of cancer or one of the many diseases of the blood, misinformation about treatment and prognosis and a fear of losing control of decision making.  Much of this can be meaningfully addressed by effective education of the patient and their family and, as such is an important aspect of the first visit.  A fundamental tenet of medical care is informed consent, meaning that the patient understands the nature of their disease, the treatment recommendations based on the current standard of care – including the strengths and weaknesses of each option.  Thus, the patient is empowered to make the final decision as to how they are treated.  The patient’s wishes with regard to treatment are absolutely respected and supported by our staff.

We have been helping patients and their families confront cancer and serious blood disorders in the Conejo Valley and Simi Valley for many, many years.  Tremendous progress is being made in cancer research.  Fundamental discoveries in cancer biology are rapidly being translated into new cancer therapies.  Equally importantly, advances have been made in improving the quality of life of patients living with cancer and its treatments.  We are dedicated to bringing these latest innovation to our patients.